Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WA Short Updates

Just a quick run down for you of some recent developments at local Western Australian breweries . . . . . . . . . .
Duckstein - Production has now shifted to the new Margaret River site away from the german brewer's spiritual Swan Valley home. And after a many a parking issue in the past (i'm sure you have suffered at some time here), the Valley site now has overflow parking available adjacent to the current car park. Feral - Earthmoving and landscaping is done and dusted at the Haddrill Rd site, with the extended al fresco seating and dining areas now complete - It looks great and on those busy summer days gives even more punters the chance to settle in for an afternoon of those magic Feral beers. Mash - are also creating a licensed outdoor area, commandeering an area of car park to the rear of the current dining deck. Long overdue, and i'm sure it would have happened sooner were it not for the restrictive local licensing issues. If you havent been down to Little Creatures in Freo for a while, then do pop your head in. The sampling room/shop is well and truly up and running and looks sensational - as too does the new layout. Also to note is that they are offering FREE 'Little Creatures' Bicycle hire from the new annexe, there are not heaps available and it is on a first come first served basis, nonetheless another great initiative. Heading down south and Bootleg Brewery, the Margaret River stalwart, are offering hopheads a real treat with their Settlers Pale Ale being pumped through fresh ’08 crop NZ Cascade Hops from 12pm every Friday. Using a system known as 'The Grasshopper', representatives say "this is a relatively new innovation for Bootleg Brewery, however the concept has been around US breweries for some time". I cant wait to get down there on a Friday arvo soon!
I'm still yet to get into the "new" Old Brewery down on the Swan foreshore, but great to see the site brewing again and some craft beer back on the bar, looking forward to trying brewer, Mark Reilly's trio of new brews.

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