Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beer Soap : On tap NOW!

After months of planning and trials, we are pleased to announce that our BEER SOAP has finally arrived! The soaps are currently only available to purchase online or on our beer tours, but we hope to soon have them available at a few selected retail sites in the Perth area.

Our range of wash products have been designed with inspiration from the world's finest brews. All natural, hand rolled, no palm oil and chemical free. Clay based, with the addition of hops, malts, essential oils and other natural ingredients to gently cleanse, revive and refresh. Good for the environment and great for your skin!

But you're a beer tour business, what do you know about making soaps?
Good question. Fortunately a great friend of ours has been hand crafting a range of therapeutic natural herbal products for over ten years and it is by working closely with her that we have developed the 'Beer Soap' range. Pilsner, Wheat Beer and IPA are our core sudsy brands, just perfect for the beer lover who has everything!

So what's so special about them?
First up there's the hops. Hops contain many volatile oils that not only give flavour, aroma and bitterness to your beer, but they also sooth the nervous system and aid sleep. The beer specific malt is added as an exfoliant along with a plethora of other natural ingredients to give you a truly unique washing experience.

We've also found the most appealing thing to our potential customers is the lack of chemicals and oils used in the production of these soaps. They are clay based and DO NOT contain Palm Oil and are free of traditional 'Soap' ingredients, minimising harm to our planet.
For more information on the range please take a look at our site.
On tap now, so why not wash one down today!

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